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Best Crock Pot Ham Recipe, 3‑Ingredient Simple

My Best Crock Pot Ham recipe is deli­cious­ly ten­der, smoky, savory and just the slight­est touch of sweet from that dark brown sug­ar and mus­tard glaze. Per­fect, real­ly. lol 

Crock Pot Ham (slow cooker ham) served on a white plate with broccoli and potatoes
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Serv­ing crock pot ham always makes the meal feel a lit­tle bit cel­e­bra­to­ry and yet, cook­ing a ham is very sim­ple. Why on earth don’t we do it more often!!??!.

No, seri­ous­ly, you guys. My [affil­i­ate link] Slow Cook­er Ham recipe is so good! This could be your East­er ham, Thanks­giv­ing Ham, Christ­mas Ham or just Sun­day Din­ner ham. 

Ham that is slow roast­ed in a slow cook­er is ten­der, juicy and full of fla­vor. No mat­ter when you serve it, this Crock Pot Ham recipe will make you the din­ner hero!

boneless ham in the package

The Ingredients

  • Whole Bone­less Ham
  • Dark Brown Sug­ar (Light brown sug­ar works, too. I just pre­fer the deep, rich carame­ly fla­vor dark brown sug­ar brings to the brown sug­ar glaze.)
  • Stone Ground Mustard

Buying Ham

The Cost of Ham

As pro­teins go, I would say ham is mid-range on price. 

It’s not quite as afford­able as chick­en, how­ev­er, it is much cheap­er than ground beef, per pound. 

back of a boneless ham in the package

I pur­chased a whole bone­less ham, this week, and it was only $3.48 per lb. 

It was almost 9 pounds, so of course the ini­tial cost was more at once, than a pound of ham­burg­er, but I will get 5 or 6 dif­fer­ent meals from it. 

That’s extreme­ly eco­nom­i­cal to my way of thinking! 

Of course the more that is done for you, pri­or to pur­chase, the high­er the cost per pound. For exam­ple, bone­less is more expen­sive than bone-in. But, about half the weight in a bone-in ham is waste and thrown away, so in real dol­lars for what you get, they’re about equal. 

Spi­ral sliced ham will cost more than an unsliced one. Half hams and small­er are usu­al­ly slight­ly more per pound than if you buy a whole ham. Decide what con­ve­niences you want to pay for and which ones you can man­age on your own.

removing netting from ham for Best Slow Cooker Ham

a net­ted, bone­less whole ham

How Much Ham to Buy for Crock Pot Ham

An 8 pound bone­less ham will serve around 30 peo­ple. Espe­cial­ly if you are hav­ing a wide array of side dish options, too.

A bone-in ham needs to weigh at least 14.25 pounds to feed the same num­ber of people. 

Think about the appetites you’ll be feed­ing. Are there a large num­ber of big eaters, who might need more than the aver­age size por­tions or who will enjoy going back for sec­onds? Are there a large num­ber of young chil­dren with small appetites? Those can both affect how much ham you will need to buy.

In gen­er­al, you will need just over a quar­ter pound of ham per per­son when serv­ing bone­less ham. And, just under half a pound of ham per per­son should suf­fice when mak­ing a bone-in ham.

raw bone-in ham on wooden cutting board.  Cutting board is on white counter surrounded by onions, broccoli florets and fresh cranberries

a whole bone-in ham

Boneless or Bone-In?

There is real­ly no sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence between bone-in and bone­less hams oth­er than the bone itself. Choose what you like best and what most eas­i­ly fits your slow cook­er for my Best Crock Pot Ham.

I always choose bone­less ham when I’m mak­ing this Crock Pot Ham recipe. My pref­er­ence is not hav­ing to deal with all the waste from the bone and excess fat that are part of work­ing with a whole bone-in ham.

For me, the tex­ture and fla­vor are not sig­nif­i­cant­ly dif­fer­ent, as long as the bone­less ham is slow cooked.

The only ben­e­fit I can see to a bone-in ham is that you would have the left­over bone at the end for mak­ing beans or soup.

To under­stand my pref­er­ences and why I choose bone­less ham, red that sec­tion, below.

Front view  of whole boneless ham unwrapped

our whole bone­less ham sliced in half

Cooked or Uncooked Ham?

Both bone-in and bone­less hams that have been cured and/or smoked can be pur­chased uncooked or ful­ly cooked, already. In most cas­es, you will find that hams labeled “cured”, “smoked” or “baked” are already ful­ly cooked.

The law requires uncooked ham to be plain­ly marked and include instruc­tions for safe han­dling and prop­er cook­ing. Read your pack­age to be sure. 

Ful­ly cooked ham can be imme­di­ate­ly sliced thin for sand­wich­es (like my Ham and Cheese Slid­ers) or oth­er recipes (like my Chick­en Cor­don Bleu). It is safe for eat­ing with no need for fur­ther cooking.

For glaz­ing and max­i­mum ten­der­ness, how­ev­er, you will still want to roast or slow cook most hams that are being served as the cen­ter­piece of a spe­cial meal, even if they have been pre-cooked. 

closeup of sliced chicken cordon bleu on a plate with salad

Any type ham can be cooked in the oven, crock pot or counter top roast­er. Small ones can be cooked in the Instant Pot or even an air fryer.

I love the fla­vor of a smoked ham, so that is always my first choice. But, you can def­i­nite­ly buy hams that aren’t smoked. Some­times ham is labeled just coun­try ham or cured ham.

Again, read­ing the pack­ag­ing is crit­i­cal in select­ing ham and know­ing how best to han­dle it.

Cured ham can be either cooked or uncooked. It is required by law to state whether it is ful­ly cooked or must be cooked before serv­ing, on the packaging.

crock pot ham on a white platter sliced for serving

Why I Choose Boneless Hams

My per­son­al pref­er­ence is bone­less. It slices eas­i­er, cooks faster and I don’t have the fat, gris­tle and bone waste of a bone-in-ham. 

My guess is you could use this Crock Pot Ham recipe on a bone-in ham, but would prob­a­bly need to roast it in the oven. My crock pot sure would­n’t accom­mo­date a whole one, any­way. Per­haps a half.

The bone in ham will require extra work after cook­ing, too. You’ll want to remove the excess fat and bone etc. before slic­ing it for the table. You will most like­ly have a lot more drip­pings in the bot­tom of the roast­er, too. Which can be great for gravy (or soup at anoth­er time).

The real­i­ty is there is no right or wrong in which ham to choose for my easy crock pot ham recipe. It is 100% a per­son­al pref­er­ence. Since, meal­time is usu­al­ly hec­tic for me, I go with ease of serv­ing and cleanup. For me, that’s a bone­less ham. 

This deli­cious crock pot ham recipe will make a fab­u­lous din­ner for your fam­i­ly whether it’s an East­er ham or an every­day easy din­ner ham. And you won’t believe the fla­vors from just 3 easy ingre­di­ents! Enjoy!

best slow cooker ham

What Other Recipes Can I Make with Leftovers from Crock Pot Ham?

There are so many ideas for using left­over crock­pot ham, that it won’t seem like left­overs at all when you’re enjoy­ing the meals. Remem­ber, adding meat to any side dish instant­ly trans­forms it into a meal/casserole! Think mac and cheese and stir in chopped ham and frozen peas. Instant meal!

  • Crazy Good Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
  • Ham Sand­wich­es
  • Ham and Pota­to Soup
  • Pas­ta Sal­ad with Ham
  • Cheesy Ham Chowder
  • Sweet Pota­to Hash with Ham
  • Den­ver Omelet
  • Chef Sal­ad
  • Ham and Cheese Scones
  • Ham and Beans Soup
  • Hawai­ian Fried Rice
  • Cres­cent Dough Ham and Cheese Pinwheels
  • Cheesy Pull-Apart French Bread with Ham
  • Baked Beans with Ham
  • Eggs Bene­dict Casserole
  • Cheesy Pota­toes with Ham
  • Wild Rice and Ham Soup
  • Hawai­ian Pizza
  • Chick­en Cor­don Bleu — essen­tial­ly a chick­en breast stuffed with ham and cheese. Delish!

And, that’s a small list. There are so many more. An invest­ment in a whole bone­less ham nets tons of mon­ey-sav­ing meals for the rest of the week, for lunch­es or for the freezer!

whole boneless smoked ham for Best Slow Cooker Ham

How to Make My Best Crock Pot Ham

Don’t blink. These instruc­tions are short. 

  1. Remove the net­ting from the out­side of the ham. 
  2. Place the ham into your crock pot / slow cooker. 
  3. Mix the brown sug­ar and mus­tard paste and spread the brown sug­ar glaze over the top of the ham. 
  4. Put the lid on your crock pot / slow cooker.
  5. Cook the ham on low for 6–8 hours. 

Ta Da! Best Crock Pot Ham deli­cious­ness! See this does­n’t just have to be East­er ham. This scrump­tious, savory and sim­ple ham recipe is for any time of year.

Whole bone­less hams are usu­al­ly “net­ted”. Hold­ing every­thing togeth­er, after the bone has been removed, is made eas­i­er with the net­ting, so the ham can be smoked. You will want to take that off before you cook the ham. 

removing netting from ham for Best Slow Cooker Ham

Mix togeth­er the stone ground mus­tard and brown sug­ar to make a paste. Yel­low mus­tard or even Dijon would work, too. I always have dark brown sug­ar in my pantry, but if yours is light that’s per­fect­ly fine. Go for it.

stone ground mustard and brwon sugar in a measuring cup

Smear the mustard/brown sug­ar paste over the top of the ham. 

As the Crock Pot Ham is cook­ing, the brown sug­ar glaze will melt and drip down the ham. 

Their won’t be a mas­sive amount of oth­er drip­pings in the bot­tom of the slow cook­er when the Crock Pot Ham is done. 

It will be just enough for driz­zling the deli­cious slices and adding a per­fect­ly bal­anced sweet acidic zing to the meat’s flavor.

mustard and brown sugar paste over ham

Three sim­ple ingre­di­ents to Crock Pot Ham recipe per­fec­tion! I hope you get a chance to make this deli­cious ham. You and your fam­i­ly are going to love it!

And, if you do make this Crock Pot Ham recipe, I hope you’ll con­sid­er stop­ping back to leave me a com­ment and a 5 star rat­ing. 5 star rat­ings help oth­ers find our recipe when they search on Google. 

Plus, your com­ments on my best crock pot ham post makes it eas­i­er for oth­er read­ers to get ideas for vari­a­tions and how the recipe worked when you made it. Or even what’s great to serve it with. Thanks so much for your help!

Crock Pot Ham (slow cooker ham) served on a white plate with broccoli and potatoes

The Recipe

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best slow cooker ham

Best Crock Pot Ham: 3‑Ingredient Simple

  • Author: Glen­da Embree
  • Total Time: 6 hours 5 minutes
  • Yield: 25-35 serv­ings 1x


This ham tastes too good to be such a sim­ple recipe.  But the real­i­ty is din­ner could­n’t be more spe­cial, or easy, with this dish.  The easy crock pot recipe makes left­overs for many, many more dish­es through­out the week.  The num­ber of serv­ings will hon­est­ly depend on all the dif­fer­ent ways you use it. Enjoy!


Units Scale
  • 8-9 lb whole bone­less ham
  • 1 cup dark brown sug­ar (Light brown sug­ar works, too. I just pre­fer the deep, rich carame­ly fla­vor dark brown sug­ar brings to the recipe.)
  • 1/2 cup stone ground mustard


  1. Remove the net­ting from the ham and place the ham into an 8 qt crock pot.
  2. Mix the brown sug­ar and mus­tard to form a thick brown sug­ar glaze.
  3. Spread the brown sug­ar glaze over the top of the ham.
  4. Cov­er the crock pot and cook the ham on low for 6 to 8 hours.


You can sub yel­low mus­tard or Dijon for the stone ground.

Light brown sug­ar can be sub­sti­tut­ed for the dark.

  • Prep Time: 5 min­utes
  • Cook Time: 6 hours
  • Cat­e­go­ry: Main Dish, Meat
  • Method: Slow Cook­er
  • Cui­sine: Amer­i­can

What to Serve with Crock Pot Ham

Easy Green Beans and Potatoes
Green Beans and Potaotes in a white serving bowl on table with stack of plates and a blue print cloth napkin

Perfect Potato Salad
perfect potato salad

Easy Bean Salad

Sweet Potato Casserole
sweet potato casserole

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