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Side Dishes

Quick and easy recipe for homemade gluten free granola in a blue stoneware bowl with fresh strawberry slices

All the recipes on the Glenda Embree blog can be seen on this page. Find delicious dinners you can prep in under 30 minutes. There are also slow cooker suppers that free you up to enjoy time with family while dinner cooks.

Whatever you’re craving, whatever dish you want to learn to make, there’s a good chance you’ll find an easy recipe for it here. And if you don’t, ask me. I’d be happy to track down a recipe for you. Or maybe even create a post to show you how to make it.

Are Your Easy Recipes also Healthy?

Don’t let anyone put the recipes on the Glenda Embree blog in a specific box. This is NOT a health-food blog. This blog definitely DOES include healthy and nutritious options. “Healthy” is an incredibly subjective term and not everyone agrees on what it means. For me and my family, it has more to do with balance and portion control.

easy broccoli cauliflower salad recipe - salad in a round, white ceramic bowl ona concrete counter with a turquoise and white checked napkin

Many of my dishes are definitely healthy and can provide the needed balance of nutrition for a well-rounded diet. Other things that I cook or bake are indulgent and comforting. There’s a little bit of everything, here. Because those are the recipes I use and that my family eats.

Some of the recipes I share are, “it’s-been-a-day, just-get-me-through-it-in-a-hurry” kinds of dishes that can save family dinner and mom’s sanity. And quite a few are economical ways to stretch our food dollars. Because, it’s important to provide in the best possible way for the people we are blessed to nourish.

creamy chicken enchilada on a white plate with a fork

My philosophy of cooking, and of eating, is balance. I create recipes and cook what tastes good to me and my family. I believe my quick and easy recipes should bring joy to those who eat them. Even if they do end up being “healthy”.

And, I believe the same thing about my recipes for comfort food classics and treats. Or any of the recipes, actually, that may not fit into a “healthy” category.

There is a time and a place for all kinds of dishes. Combining healthy options with classic favorites, in healthy portions, can be a very nourishing way to eat. I hope you find that reflected in the recipes you discover, here.

My sincere hope is that you will find a set of favorite recipes and dishes. Recipes that fit you perfectly, right where you are.

Homemade Marinara Sauce


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