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12 Quick and Easy Potluck Recipes to Get You to the Party on Time

Don’t be late for the party! There’s no need to panic when you have to come up with a quick and easy potluck dish. Get out the door to a fun party or gathering without any stress and hassle. If you keep this collection of delicious and simple recipes close by, you won’t even break a sweat. They can all be made in 30 minutes or less. Grab one of these favorites and whip up a scrumptious dish to share. You’ll get rave reviews and be right on time.

Easy 10-Minute Taco Dip

Easy 10-Minute Taco Dip on a white plate.  A quick and easy potluck recipe idea.
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Easy 10-Minute Taco Dip. Image Credit: Glenda Embree.

10-Minute Taco Dip is scrumptious and super easy to make. It’s a hit, no matter where it’s served. No cooking, easy clean-up and affordability make this a huge win for serving a crowd. My taco dip recipe is a simple layered dip with a great contrast of textures and flavors between the savory refried beans, the creamy taco-flavored sour cream layer, and the familiar cheese and fresh veggie taco toppings. Get the Recipe: Easy 10-Minute Taco Dip

Broccoli and Mandarin Salad with Grapefruit Vinaigrette

Crunchy Broccoli Salad with Mandarin Oranges on a white plate.  A quick and easy potluck recipe idea.
Broccoli and Mandarin Salad with Grapefruit Vinaigrette. Image Credit: Glenda Embree.

Crunchy Broccoli Salad is satisfying and vibrant with a zingy grapefruit vinaigrette. You’ll be hooked from the very first crunchy, delicious bite. It’s fresh and bright with a balance of earthy, savory, sweet and tangy flavors. And, it’s loaded with palate-pleasing textures. My lightened-up spin on broccoli crunch salad is craveably delicious and easy to make. It’s a simple recipe that comes together in minutes. Get the Recipe: Crunchy Broccoli Salad with Mandarin Oranges

10-Minute Strawberry Cottage Cheese Salad

Pink Strawberry Cottage Cheese Salad in a white oval bowl. There is a sliced strawberry garnish at one end of the bowl.  A quick and easy potluck recipe idea.
Easy Strawberry Cottage Cheese Salad. Photo Credit: Glenda Embree.

Strawberry Cottage Cheese Salad is creamy, sweet and light, with lots of possible variations. Cottage Cheese Salad is ideal with any savory protein dish, with casseroles and even for breakfast! Take it to potlucks, reunions and barbecues. Serve it at family dinners. It’s loved by both kids and adults. This scrumptious salad comes together in just 5 to 10 minutes! Get the Recipe: Strawberry Cottage Cheese Salad

Asian Cucumber Salad

Asian Cucumber Salad served in a square, white bowl sitting on a marble countertop. A watercolor print napkin is to the right of the bowl and a turquoise planter is in the background.
Asian Cucumber Salad. Photo Credit: Glenda Embree.

Asian Cucumber Salad is cool, crisp, light and refreshing, with knock-your-socks-off flavor. It’s naturally gluten-free and superbly delicious! This cucumber salad is sour and salty with hints of sweetness. Each bite finishes with back notes of smoky and spicy. It’s quick and easy to toss together, simple to transport and can be heading out the door with you in under 30 minutes. A winning dish that will be the hit of any outdoor gathering. Get the Recipe: Easy Asian Cucumber Salad

Easy 10-Minute Mexican Rice

10-Minute Mexican Rice in a blue stoneware serving bowl.
Easy 10-Minute Mexican Rice. Photo Credit: Glenda Embree.

In this easy 10-minute Mexican rice dish, every fluffy grain of rice is infused with savory chicken and tomato flavor. You’ll love the subtle undertones of cumin and garlic. And, this simple and delicious side dish becomes an over-the-top main when you stir in leftover taco meat and drizzle the whole dish with queso blanco. There are so many scrumptious possibilities. Choose this easy recipe to share at your next potluck. Get the Recipe: Easy 10-Minute Mexican Rice

The Best Homemade Sloppy Joes

Easy Homemade Sloppy Joes on a white plate with cheese and pickles.  A quick and easy potluck recipe idea.
Best Easy Homemade Sloppy Joes. Photo Credit: Glenda Embree.

Whip up a big batch of Homemade Sloppy Joe mix. Toss it in the crock pot to transport it to the potluck and keep it warm. Be sure to grab a few bags of slider or hamburger buns, too. You’ll be the absolute favorite chef at your next crowded potluck gathering. This easy dish is savory and sweet with a little kick of mild heat. A handful of pantry staples & 25 minutes is all you’ll need to create this popular main dish. Get the Recipe: Easy Homemade Sloppy Joes

Mexican Macaroni Salad

Mexican Macaroni Salad on a blue stoneware plate.  A quick and easy potluck recipe idea.
Mexican Macaroni Salad. Photo Credit: Glenda Embree.

This delicious southwestern pasta salad is inspired by Mexican-American flavors that meld beautifully to create a perfect side dish or a delicious vegetarian main. It’s creamy and perfectly seasoned. Plus, it has tons of palate-pleasing texture. Mexican Macaroni Salad is going to push you right up to that 30-minute deadline, but you’ve definitely got this. Chop veggies while the macaroni cooks. Run cold water over the pasta in the strainer to cool it quickly. Toss the pasta with the veggies and stir it all together with that luscious taco-seasoned dressing. 10 out of 10! This salad is rave-worthy! Get the Recipe: Mexican Macaroni Salad

Easy Chocolate No-Bake Cookies

Chocolate No Bake Cookies cooling on a silpat.
Chocolate No Bake Cookies. Photo Credit: Glenda Embree.

Delectably quick chocolate satisfaction. When I need chocolate, and I need it right now, this easy recipe for Chocolate No-Bake Cookies is my go-to. They’re always popular at social gatherings because they’re loved by both young and old. Chocolate and peanut butter are a deliciously comforting combination, and it’s never been simpler to create it at home. 7 ingredients you already have in your pantry and fridge come together in blissful harmony and only 10 to 15 minutes of your hands-on time. A few more minutes to cool and set up, and you’ll have to force yourself to share these beauties at your backyard potluck! Get the Recipe: Easy No Bake Cookies

Delectably Easy House Salad

House Salad in a white ceramic bowl on a concrete countertop. There is a fork lying next to the bowl witha turquoise fabric napkin.
Easy House Salad. Photo Credit: Glenda Embree.

Fifteen minutes and a bottle of salad dressing are all you need to be ready to share my easy, refreshing and scrumptiously satisfying house salad. It’s the perfect side, no matter what the main dish is being served. I always have these ingredients on hand because we enjoy it with dinner at least once a week. Easy to prep. Easy to transport and easy for everyone to enjoy, even if they have special dietary needs. This is a quick and easy winning dish you’ll find yourself adding to the menu often, even if you’re just staying home. Get the Recipe: Easy House Salad

7 layer bars on a white plate with a blue print napkin in the background.  A quick and easy potluck recipe idea.
Magic Cookie Bars. Photo Credit: Glenda Embree.

Magic Cookie Bars will be hard to resist no matter where you serve them. These easy bar cookies are made by layering the ingredients (graham cracker crumbs, chocolate and butterscotch chips, nuts, coconut and condensed milk) in a pan and baking. This may be one of your most satisfying baking sessions. It’s going to take you right up to that 30-minute deadline, again, but do it anyway. Allow them to cool on the way to the potluck and cut them after you arrive. Blue ribbon perfect! This is the one everybody will want. Get the Recipe: Magic Cookie Bars

Easy Coleslaw with Homemade Coleslaw Dressing

Best Easy Coleslaw Recipe served in a white bowl on a marble countertop. A blue and white print fabric napkin is in the background.
Easy Coleslaw with Homemade Coleslaw Dressing. Photo Credit: Glenda Embree.

My Easy Homemade Coleslaw is creamy, crunchy, tangy and lightly sweet. Four everyday ingredients is all you need to toss this mouthwatering salad together and that includes homemade dressing. You’ll have it chilling in the fridge or cooler in five minutes or less. And there won’t be a crumb left for you to bring back home. Quick and easy, absolutely delicious and easy to transport. What could be better to share with family and friends at your next potluck? Get the Recipe: Easy Coleslaw with Homemade Coleslaw Dressing

Bell Pepper Salad

Close-up of Bell Pepper Salad in a white ceramic serving bowl.
Bell Pepper Salad. Photo Credit: Glenda Embree.

Bell Pepper Salad is crunchy, fresh and herbaceous, with a bright red wine vinaigrette dressing. It’s easy, gluten-free and the perfect complement to any main dish! It’s excellent served with beef, chicken, pork or lamb. Bell Pepper Salad is bursting with fresh veggie flavor from the bell peppers (of every color), cucumber, red onion and herbs. And, the simple, three-ingredient salad dressing is delectable. Fifteen minutes and you’ll have this scrumptious salad sealed in your favorite serving bowl and be on your way to a potluck gathering. Get the Recipe: Bell Pepper Salad

Go to the Party and Have a Blast

You don’t need to worry if you forget you need a dish for the potluck after church or the neighborhood BBQ. Use one of these delicious and simple recipes to get you to the party on time.

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