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Homemade Chocolate Pudding

homemade chocolate pudding
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Home­made Pud­ding is one of the most sim­ple desserts I can think of. Home­made Choco­late Pud­ding is also a dessert that young and old enjoy equal­ly. There’s just some­thing mag­i­cal about the creamy, dreamy smooth tex­ture of a per­fect­ly choco­latey dessert. Who can resist it? Seriously. 

Add a dol­lop of fresh whipped cream, use your veg­etable peel­er to shave a few sprin­kles of choco­late on top and Home­made Choco­late Pud­ding sud­den­ly becomes a spe­cial occa­sion treat. It’s SO easy. And, wow, is it delicious!

Ingredients You Need for Homemade Chocolate Pudding

Our first instinct is the famil­iar brown box with pow­der to stir into cold milk, but you won’t believe the dif­fer­ence when you make home­made choco­late pud­ding from scratch. Home­made pud­ding is creamy and indul­gent. You con­trol what goes into it and you are also the one who decides just how deeply choco­late you want it to be. Yum!

Grab sug­ar, cocoa pow­der, corn­starch, milk, but­ter and vanil­la. They’re all you need, (along with your stir­ring arm and a lit­tle time), to cre­ate a heav­en­ly dessert that will have your whole fam­i­ly clam­or­ing for anoth­er choco­latey bite!

saucepan and ingredients to make dessert

How to Make Homemade Chocolate Pudding

Put sug­ar, cocoa pow­der, corn­starch and salt into a 3‑quart (or larg­er) saucepan. *Whisk them togeth­er. Stir in the milk and begin to heat your pud­ding mix­ture over medi­um heat, stir­ring con­stant­ly. This is the part that takes some time. On my stove top, set to medi­um (which is lev­el 5 out of 10), it was about 20 minutes. 

It’s impor­tant to stir con­stant­ly dur­ing this process. It’s easy to scorch milk and sug­ar, as you bring them to a boil, and stir­ring helps pre­vents that from hap­pen­ing. So keep your whisk mov­ing across the bot­tom of your pan to pre­vent any stick­ing and cre­ate the best home­made pudding. 

Once the pud­ding comes to a boil, large bub­bles will begin to rise up around the edges of your pan and when you stir through with a spoon the pud­ding will have thick­ened some­what. It will coat the back of a spoon. And, as you can see in the pic­ture above, as it runs off the spoon the pud­ding does­n’t blend imme­di­ate­ly back into a smooth pool, but is thick enough to begin sit­ting atop itself for a moment. It’s ready to come off the heat.

When Homemade Chocolate Pudding Has Finished Cooking

covering bowl to prevent skin forming

As your pud­ding cools, it will thick­en to the creamy con­sis­ten­cy you are famil­iar with. Pour it into a bowl and cov­er it with plas­tic wrap. Push the plas­tic wrap right onto the sur­face of the pud­ding, to pre­vent a “skin” from form­ing over the top, as it cools. Pop it in the fridge and let it cool.

With­in an hour it will prob­a­bly be set to the per­fect creamy thick­ness. It will prob­a­bly still be warm, though, unless you poured it into a shal­low bowl. You can cer­tain­ly eat it right there for a warm, choco­latey treat. We pre­fer ours com­plete­ly cold, so I usu­al­ly wait more like four hours.

chocolate pudding

That’s it, my friend! Easy, choco­latey deli­cious dessert. Home­made Choco­late Pud­ding could be on your menu once or twice a month with­out any dif­fi­cul­ty. And YOU? You’re going to be the famous, favorite chef at your house! Give it a try. You can def­i­nite­ly do it.

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homemade chocolate pudding

Homemade Chocolate Pudding

  • Author: Glen­da Embree
  • Total Time: 25 min­utes
  • Yield: 12 serv­ings 1x


Creamy, dreamy, choco­latey and lus­cious.  Choco­late pud­ding is a sim­ple dessert that res­onates with young and old.  You can freeze this in pop­si­cle molds, too, for yum­my pud­ding pop treats.


Units Scale
  • 1 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup cornstarch
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 5 1/2 cups milk
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 2 tsp vanilla


Whisk all the dry ingre­di­ents togeth­er in a 3‑quart or larg­er *saucepan.

Stir in the milk.

Begin heat­ing the pud­ding mix­ture over medi­um heat, stir­ring con­stant­ly.  (Stir­ring con­stant­ly is nec­es­sary to pre­vent scorch­ing as you bring the mix­ture to a boil.)

Bring to a boil and cook, stir­ring con­stant­ly, until mix­ture thick­ens enough to coat the back of a spoon. (This process took about 20 min­utes on my stove top.)

Remove from heat and stir in but­ter and vanilla

Cool slight­ly and then pour into a bowl to fin­ish set­ting up.

Cov­er the pud­ding with plas­tic wrap, push­ing the wrap right down onto the sur­face of the pud­ding.  This pre­vents a “skin” from form­ing on top.

Chill in the fridge for at least an hour.  To be cold all the way through, I usu­al­ly wait about 4 hours.


If you like dark­er choco­late fla­vor, add an extra 2 Table­spoons of cocoa pow­der to your mixture.

  • Prep Time: 5 min
  • Cook Time: 20 min
  • Cat­e­go­ry: Dessert
  • Cui­sine: Amer­i­can

Key­words: pud­ding, choco­late, dessert

chocolate pudding

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  1. I make home­made cus­tards all the time to put IN things — like a choco­late cus­tard pie, or banana cus­tard with vanil­la wafers, but I can’t remem­ber the last time I made pud­ding just to eat as pud­ding. This looks so good and now I have such a crav­ing for it. Pud­ding sounds so good and my kids would love it, too!

    • Aaah! Isn’t it weird how work dis­tracts us from the sim­plest lit­tle joys? I hope you and your kids get to make some soon and that you love it! Have a won­der­ful­ly blessed weekend!

  2. Just tried your wonderful,easy receipe. came out per­fect thank you soo much!love home made not much chance to get to the store these days!


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