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My Two Favorite Tools of 2022

Ninja FoodiPossibleCooker Pro

My newest and already well-used kitchen appliance.

It’s a slow cooker, steam oven, Dutch oven, saute pan & skillet. It braises, cooks sous vide and has a keep warm setting, too.

I can proof bread in it, bake bread in it, make Perfect Slow Cooker Chicken Breasts, Crockpot Cube Steak or even my favorite Charro Beans. I can sear my roast in it and then set it to slow cook for Mississippi Pot Roast!

It’s a great appliance for soup, for Creamed Corn and for Loaded Potato Casserole. Check out all it can do!


Breville JouleOven Air Fryer PRO

This is my baby! lol This was all the 2022 presents wrapped into one — Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary, and Christmas.

But, I’m totally okay with that. It’s everything I hoped it would be and more! I use it every single day!

It’s the appliance I use for Air Fryer Green Beans with Garlic Butter Sauce, Chicken Cordon Bleu and Roasted Green Beans and Potatoes.

I use it most often as an air fryer and an extra oven, but also as a broiler and a toaster. It’s also a food dehydrator, a slow cooker and a pizza oven!

Check out all it can do!

The Tools I Use Every Day and Where to Get Them

These appliances and tools are used daily in my kitchen. If you find it here, I own it, and use it regularly. You have probably noticed many of them in the pictures from my recipe posts. If it makes this Gift Guide or my Amazon Storefront, that means I use it and I LOVE it!

The links in this guide are my personal affiliate links. That means that at no cost to you, I could earn a small commission on any qualifying purchases made through them. Thank you for your help in keeping all the recipes at Glenda Embree blog free and for supporting my food blogging business.

Slow Cookers

my turquoise slow cooker

It’s already been well established that I have a bit of a slow cooker collecting problem. lol I have paired down my collection a bit. I currently only own three that I use regularly and 3 smaller ones that connect together to create a little buffet set.

One is brand new and I’m loving it. I have had the other slow cookers for more than ten years.They’re all work horses and have served me well, as I use slow cookers multiple times each week. They’re a hands-off way of preparing many of our favorite meals.

I have a digital one with a locking lid that’s great for potlucks and gatherings. And, one that is just a good old manual variety. All my single slow cookers are at least 6 quarts. Some are bigger. The buffets size ones range in size from 1 to 3 quarts.

Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

There are some kitchen tools and gadgets that I couldn’t work without. I use them daily and would be lost without them.

My wooden spoons and silicone “spoonula” are two of them.

Whether it’s cakes, cookie recipes, bread dough or just cooking at the stove, these are some of the first tools I reach for.

And I would rarely get through a day without whisks and turners or even a meat thermometer.

Then, there are some of my favorite gadgets that are just fun and handy.

Like this microwave popcorn popper. It eliminates the waste of individual popping bags and it works perfectly every single time.

I can even use the lid to butter the popcorn as it’s popping, without drenching it or making it soggy.

And it can make up to 3 quarts at one time. Perfect for movie night!

This time of year, these are some of my favorite essential tools. I love holiday baking. And cookies are a big part of that! If you’ve tried my S’mores Cookies, Orange Shortbread Cookies or my famous Drop Sugar Cookies, you know why these tools are some of my favorites

There are cookie baking tools that cross over into other areas of baking, for sure. But there are some of my favorites that are so integral to cookie baking, I gave them their own category.

I’d be lost without different size cookie scoops, my favorite cooling racks that are also oven safe baking racks and my heavy-duty sheet pans that don’t warp as they heat up in the oven.

See It All (Including Great Black Friday Deals)

Glenda Embree Amazon Storefront Image

Check out my entire Amazon Storefront. If you’re curious about the tools you see me using in post pictures or videos, my Amazon shop is a great place to learn more about them, read the reviews and get your own or start a wish list.

Be confident that if you find it in my Amazon Shop it’s a product I love and use in my own kitchen.

Also, be watching for a new category to fill in on Black Friday! I’ll include my favorite Black Friday deals for products I love and a few from my own wish list!

My Amazon Shop will continue to grow and add products as I have time to build. So check back often. And again! Thank you for all you do to support Glenda Embree blog!

I love cooking and sharing with you. I hope your Thanksgiving and Christmas are wonderfully blessed and full of delicious food. And I hope you’re surrounded by the people you love most!

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